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– Landscaping in the Poconos

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We know you value your time at home. Let us help you create the space into the way you have always dreamed. Make the outside of your home as beautiful as the inside. Let us help transform your vision into a reality.

– Demolition In The Poconos

Demolition Poconos ExcavationDemolition Poconos Excavation 4Demolition Poconos Excavation 3

We can assist with all your demolition needs. We have a full crew on stand by and the power equipment to get the job done fast, reliably, and safely. Our service is geared to come in and quickly remove any structure in timely manner. We remove all waste in compliance with federal and state regulations.

– Wetland Remediation and Government Projects In The Poconos

Poconos Wetland Remediation 2Poconos Wetland Remediation 1Poconos Wetland Remediation 3

Go with the experts, with proven success in satisfied private, commercial, and government of wetland remediation projects.  There is no margin of error when working around wetlands. We respect and value nature and the environment. We ensure our service is in compliance with all environmental protection agencies.

– New Home Construction and Remodeling In The Poconos


Have you been waiting years for your dream home? We know how exciting the experience is. We want to help you design the home of your dreams and build it for you. We want you to have the home you have always envisioned in your mind in the Poconos. We can also transform your current home into anything you can imagine.


Free Estimates

Contact: William Hakim

Phone: (570) 807-5295


We are a customer-focused company. Please give us a call and schedule a free estimate. All Construction & Repair works within your budget to provide the best quality experience with top-notch service in the industry. We focus primarily in the Poconos and surrounding regions in western New Jersey and southern New York State..

Our specialties are listed above but are not limited to them. Please give us a call and we can discuss any project you have in mind.

Payment Terms:

We accept Cash, Check, Paypal, and Credit Cards. Payment Plans our available based on credit.

History of Service:

With over 39 years of experience we get the job done right the first time, on time. We know quality is as important to you as is to us. We have extensive knowledge in demolition, landscaping, wetland remediation, specialty government projects with clearance, new home development, commercial development, and remodeling. We are a one-source site for all your construction needs in the Poconos.

 Services Poconos Excavation | Landscaping | Demolition | Wetland Remediation | 

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